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"We only take on as many jobs as we can manage with excellence and efficiency!

Jeanette Cox, Founder, Immaculate Concept Cleaning


In 2009, Jeanette Cox started cleaning for churches and private homes.


"I love to clean so I'm good at it," she says.


Word of Jeanette's reliability, integrity and attention to detail spread like wildfire. In time, local businesses requested her services. The time had come to incorporate and insure her venture. In 2010, Immaculate Concept Cleaning was launched.

Her list of clients quickly grew with larger companies requesting her services. Over time, Jeanette hired and carefully trained select crew leaders who share the same eye for detail and drive to be efficient in all they do. In turn, our crew leaders manage equally hard-working teams, creating a cohesive and satisfying work environment. All of the staff members are well paid and given the opportunity to participate in company's bonus program.

Last year, Jeanette became certified in Procore, the platform many contractors use to communicate in real time with subcontractors, project managers and other members of their build team.

In 2021 Jeanette had an opportunity to bid on a 110,000-square-foot senior living project and was awarded the contract. She found it to be a great fit for her team and has since endeavored to grow that branch of her business as well.

Throughout all this tremendous growth, Jeanette and her staff delight in providing IMMACULATE cleaning for ALL her clients, never sacrificing the quality of her company's service while expanding her business.   

Jeanette Cox

Project Manager

Corey has been working with Immaculate Concept Cleaning since 2012 in a variety of roles. He previously worked for Unlimited Concrete Solutions, giving him invaluable insights about commercial cleaning, and as an operations manager for Leaders Moving and Storage, where he learned to meet client deadlines.

Something you might not know about Corey: "I love Jesus."

Human Resources

Amie holds an MBA with a focus on organizational design and has over 15 years of experience leading and directing talent management for large technology companies. "I like to help smaller businesses get the same services as big companies," Amie says. 

Something you might not know about Amie: "My family owned a restaurant when I was growing up, and as a result, I love to cook."

Terissa Murphy, crew lead

Crew Lead

Terissa has been married for 36 years and is the proud mother of four children and 10 grandchildren. "They are the most precious to me," Terissa says. She has been leading an ICC crew since 2017 with a keen eye for detail. 


Something you may not know about Terissa: "Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior."

Heidi Duncan, crew lead


Crew Lead

Heidi graduated from Miami Trace High School in Washington Court House, OH. She then attended Penn Foster Career School where she studied to be a medical transcriptionist. For the past year, Heidi has been leading a crew with great success. 


Something you may not know about Heidi: "I have an artistic side."


Crew Lead

Kayley is a graduate of Wilmington High School. She has been working with ICC since 2015. 

Something you may not know about Kayley: "I enjoy farming with my husband."

Kayley Matthews
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